Same Day Crowns

A dental crown can fully cover a tooth above the gumline in order to keep it safe after a more severe cavity or injury. The work involved in this restorative dental work can require multiple appointments at other dental offices, but our use of CEREC technology can reduce this process to a single visit in select cases! In addition to offering convenient results, your CEREC crown can provide lasting durability and a lifelike appearance.

Receive A Custom Crown In Just One Appointment!

A crown needs to fully surround your tooth without causing issues for its neighbors. The right restoration can do this while also providing the stability needed to support your bite function and keep the structure underneath safe. To make sure a crown is the right shape and size, many dental offices require patients to schedule at least two appointments—however, our practice is able to restore teeth with custom crowns in just one visit!

How A Same Day Dental Crown Is Made

Our practice relies on CAD/CAM technology, which refers to computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. We are able to do everything from evaluating the tooth and capturing measurements to creating a design for the restoration digitally. From the digital design we create, we can produce your crown with an in-office milling machine. That restoration will be the right shape, size, and color to blend in with your smile and securely fit your tooth.

Because we have everything we need to perform all of this work in our office, you can trust us to oversee every step of your restoration process. Our use of digital technology also helps us capture remarkably detailed information and create designs and restorations in a shorter time than you may expect.

Talk To Your Richardson, TX Dentist About Receiving A Same Day Crown!

With the use of CEREC technology, our practice can have your dental crown ready to protect your tooth after just one appointment! To find out more about this and other ways in which we can take care of your smile, you can reach our Richardson, TX dental office at 972-231-5376.