Family Dentistry

Our dental practice has taken care of multiple generations of Richardson residents and members of surrounding communities. We are committed to providing oral health support to everyone in your household; one way we do this is by providing thorough preventive services. Between our commitment to patient support and our use of advanced dental technology, we can help our patients stay healthy and remain confident in their smiles.

Routine exams and cleanings are key to protecting the smiles of children and adults. While approaches to care can change based on age, we make sure that all of our patients receive the right kind of attention. We are also here to support you if you or a family member requires more involved work to take on a cosmetic or oral health issue.

Providing Smile Care To Our Youngest Patients

For our youngest patients, we provide guidance and encouragement to help them feel comfortable with smile care. We also work with them through the years to both observe their development and provide ongoing protection against common threats like gum disease and tooth decay.

Regular reviews ensure that we can warn parents when orthodontic work and other kinds of intervention are appropriate. Checkups also help by encouraging kids to feel comfortable with dental visits and confident in their ability to effectively keep their teeth and gums healthy! We do provide dental sealants and fluoride treatments for our growing patients; both help by reducing cavity risks when children are still growing comfortable with performing their own preventive care.

The Importance Of Keeping Up With Your Own Oral Health Care

Regular reviews are important as your smile grows and develops, but that does not mean you stop keeping up with dental visits after childhood! The cleanings and evaluations that occur during your regular visits are important for defending your smile and preserving your general health.

At your appointments, we can fight plaque and tartar accumulation to lower your risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and other threats. We provide different strategies for treating poor gum health, including periodontal therapy that uses lasers to make services more comfortable. We can also step in and perform the appropriate restorative dental work for a cavity identified at a review. Timely care protects you against potentially painful complications and keeps services more conservative.

Advanced Care For Teeth Grinding And Clenching

Bruxism sufferers experience harm from persistent teeth grinding and clenching. This habit often affects people while they sleep, leading to unchecked issues with dental wear and tear as well as problems for the jaw joints and muscles. The consequences of this issue include TMJ disorder, visible damage to teeth, dental sensitivity, and potentially severe oral health problems. In some cases, the habit can worsen over time until a significant jaw imbalance develops. In children, grinding can be a sign of potential airway discrepancies. Allergies or enlarged tonsils can greatly increase the likelyhood of childhood teeth grinding at nighttime.

Our practice can provide a custom acrylic appliance known as a Bite Guard to treat the ongoing tension between the jaw’s side and temporal muscles. This helps to relax the muscles and keep them stable, stopping overactive clenching and grinding movements. As a result, you protect your smile and enjoy relief from headaches, jaw pains, and other related problems.

Learn More About Family Dental Services Provided At Our Richardson, TX Dental Office!

We are proud of our office’s role in helping so many families in and around Richardson maintain healthy, confident smiles. Whether you need to bring a young child in for their first visit or need to book your own appointment, we are ready to help! To find out more about our practice and services, please contact Richards Cosmetic, Restorative, and Implant Dentistry at 972-231-5376.