Dental Implants

When tooth loss affects you, it robs you of more than just your full confidence in your smile. This is a problem that can seriously impact your bite function, increase your risk for new oral health issues, and make future losses more likely to occur. Implant dentistry has many benefits for patients who need to take on this problem. The implant provides a degree of stability and support that can give back valuable bite function while also helping to stabilize neighboring teeth and sustain your jaw health. With the right restoration secured to your implant, you can also regain confidence in your smile!

Implant Dentistry And Its Role In Restorative Care

Finding the right solution for patients affected by tooth loss will have lasting benefits. The implant itself takes on roles of natural teeth roots by stabilizing neighboring roots and stimulating the jawbone tissues to keep them healthy. It also provides enough support to help you bite and chew with confidence after completing prosthetic treatment.

The restoration process occurs in several stages. First, you will undergo a review with Dr. Richards to confirm that you are a good candidate or see if preliminary care should take place. Once you are ready, we will schedule your implant placement surgery. A period of healing after this procedure will take place before you return to our practice to have a permanent, lifelike prosthetic appliance set in place.

Using All-On-4 To Address The Loss Of A Row Of Teeth

The All-on-4 solution for the loss of a row of teeth offers comfort, security, and convenience for patients. Also known as “Teeth in a Day,” this service can use a select number of dental implants to hold a permanent restoration, which provides more functional support and stability than a traditional removable denture. We can work with patients who are in need of a prosthesis, including those who already have a denture but feel less than satisfied by what it does for them. Four implants can be all it takes to keep your restoration in place. Once it is secured, you can bite, chew, speak, and smile with greater confidence while also taking care to protect your jawbone health!

Our Richardson, TX Dental Office Can Help You Replace Lost Teeth

Implant dentistry helps patients who feel that tooth loss will be a permanent issue for their comfort and quality of life. For more information on how we can respond to different degrees of tooth loss, please contact our Richardson, TX dental office at 972-231-5376.