Restorative Dentistry

Our office is prepared to help when your oral health needs include restorative services. We rely on advanced technology, including the resources needed to produce same-day dental crowns, in order to protect vulnerable tooth structure and preserve how you look. We can meet with you when you grow concerned about your dental health and need to book a visit. We can also identify a problem in its early stages during a routine oral health appointment and provide conservative care before you experience any uncomfortable complications.

Properly Responding To Dental Decay And Physical Trauma

Cavities and physical injuries can affect our tooth structure and make treatment necessary. Because problems that affect our teeth cause permanent harm, it is important that patients receive restorations that are strong enough to support their bite function for many years.

We are often able to treat active problems with conservative dental fillings and partial crowns. When called for, we can also use full crowns to provide the coverage needed. Remember that a routine exam can result in the discovery and treatment of a problem before it grows serious enough to make more involved work necessary!

Using Appearance-Friendly Restorations To Protect Teeth

We rely on materials that both protect your tooth structure and match the appearance of your enamel. In doing so, our practice helps restore your well-being and bite function while preserving your confidence in the way you look! We can provide the following lifelike restorations when needed:

  • Tooth-colored dental fillings
  • Inlays and onlays (partial crowns)
  • Full dental crowns

For patients who need full crowns, we can provide solutions in the form of restorations that surround teeth to provide functional support while also matching healthy enamel. Your options for care include the use of same-day crowns made with CEREC technology. This can result in lasting protection for your tooth provided in less time than other dental offices can require.

Learn More About Restorative Dental Work Provided At Our Richardson, TX Dental Office!

Through the right restorative dental work, your confidence in your smile and your bite function can be preserved. To find out how we can address any active oral health concerns that affect you or a family member, call our Richardson, TX dental practice at 972-231-5376.