Repair Your Smile In One Day

Richardson, TX dentist offers same day crowns

Thanks to advances in dental technology, there are many ways your smile can be repaired after harm. For instance, irritating canker sores can be treated with laser technology, fillings can repair a tooth after a cavity, and a broken tooth can be restored with a crown. Breaking one of your pearly whites can be worrisome and stressful, however, there are ways to restore the area after injury. Traditionally, it could take several weeks for a cover to be created. Your Richardson, TX, dentist’s office offers CEREC crowns that can be crafted on the same day. This helps repair and protect your smile faster, so you can get back to your day.

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Breaking A Tooth

Even with the best oral hygiene, you are still at risk of accidents. Contact sports like soccer, football, and hockey can lead to harming one of your pearly whites. Biting something too hard, such as meat with the bone in, can chip a tooth. Over time, chronically grinding your teeth can weaken your enamel and make you more susceptible to breakage and cavities. No matter the situation, if you have harmed one of your teeth, it is important to have this taken care of promptly. Swift care can help reduce the chances of the damage worsening or an infection occurring.

How CEREC Technology Helps

Usually, receiving a crown can take several weeks. If you have injured a tooth, you would schedule an appointment, have the area examined, measurements would be taken, and a temporary cap would be placed. In a few weeks, the permanent crown would be ready and bonded in place. Thanks to advances in technology, there is now a way to have a permanent one ready in the same day.

After the area has been examined, CAD/CAM technology will be used to create your permanent crown in our office. The measurements of your oral cavity are sent directly to this machine and then created. Just like a traditional crown, these are also sturdy, and lifelike, and offer protection to your pearly whites.

If The Damage Cannot Be Repaired

When one of your pearly whites has been harmed, your dentist’s priority is to keep it intact if possible. In many cases, this can be achieved with a crown or other restoration. However, in some cases, it may be the best option to remove a severely damaged tooth and replace it. For instance, if it has been severely fractured, a restoration may not be able to fully protect it. If the area has become infected, it can cause swelling and discomfort, and extraction may also be recommended. To keep your smile complete and healthy, implants may be used to replace the lost tooth.

Do Not Delay A Restoration

If you have harmed a tooth, we can help you restore it. To receive a CEREC same-day crown, you can call our Richardson, TX, dental office at 972.231.5376.